Grove Community Church

Our mission is to be a Christ-Centered and outward-facing community with a passion to see Christ’s kingdom flourish in Gossamer Grove and the surrounding region.We believe that we are called to follow Jesus; and that we do so through connection to His community; in which we help one another in the journey to following Jesus; and so that we might resource together to make a difference in this world We believe that, though the world is messed up, in Jesus, the kingdom of God has begun, and that through the Holy Spirit the people of God are empowered to carry forth God’s kingdom to the nations. We believe that resurrection is the answer to everything; and that resurrection is both a present and future realityWe are a community of people who desire to grow in our relationship with Christ; we acknowledge that our relationship with Christ is not merely a personal matter; but it is also a communal matter. We aim to bear on another’s burdens, to weep together, to laugh together, and to share life’s joys and life’s heartaches together. We do not pretend to have everything figured out. But we are moving forward with the aim of making Christ known to one another and to our community by faithfully living out the Gospel in word and deed. We are a missional community and not merely a church. As a missional community, we are striving to do life together and to make a difference in our community. As a church, we are centered around the Gospel of Jesus. We aim to make Christ known in our community by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, and caring for and serving one another and our communityAt the present, we aren’t trying to start a church in the traditional sense; we aren’t concerned with a building and all the baggage that comes with maintaining that; maybe someday we will have to get there For now we come together two to three times a month to eat, fellowship, worship, and learn what it means to make a difference for Jesus; both in our lives and in the lives of the world around us. In addition, we aim to be active in our community making a difference in the lives of kids, youth, families, and individuals. Grove Community Church endeavors to be a missional community that respects and appreciates the differences in our community.