Employment Opportunities

Northminster Presbyterian Church in Bakersfield, CA is seeking a full-time Senior Pastor/Head of Staff. 

Our Mission Statement

NPC exists: to help people know Jesus, belong to His community, grow as a disciple of Christ, and strive to advance His kingdom. (For more information about NPC, please access our mission study which can be found at www.northpres.org/mission-study.)

Our Pastor

Major Purpose

The Senior Pastor has the primary responsibility for preaching and teaching the Word of God and the sustaining of biblical doctrines of NPC. In addition, the Senior Pastor is responsible to ensure the shepherding of members and attendees, discipling and equipping them for the work of the ministry. Finally, the Senior Pastor shall provide the leadership and oversight necessary to develop and implement all the essential activities at NPC along with elders, deacons, and volunteers. 

Performance Responsibilities

  • Serve as moderator of the elder board.
  • Shepherd the flock through loving care of the church family which includes visiting, counseling, and confronting them when appropriate. 
  • Oversee the planning of weekly worship services and the preaching of biblically based sermons that point to Jesus and are applied to daily life.
  • Oversee the administration of the ordinances: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper 
  • Provide leadership that emphasizes making disciples and the training for the next generation of leaders (2 Tim 2:2) 
  • Lead, oversee and encourage the ministry staff and lay leaders in establishing and directing ministries that effectively reach the church’s demographic, ensuring the accomplishment of the church’s overall mission 
  • Co-facilitate the annual planning process (with the elders) including evaluation of ministry performance; review the mission, vision, and core values as appropriate; development of key objectives and tactics; establishment of goals; and long-term facility needs. 
  • Be involved in community affairs to the degree which the Senior Pastor and Elder Board agree is appropriate 
  • Conduct weddings and funerals 
  • Provide short term counseling as appropriate 
  • Other duties as required within the scope of this job description 

Qualifications: Education/certificates

Required Knowledge/Experience

  • Prior experience in a church setting that requires leading of staff and casting vision 
  • Meets all requirements of an Elder (1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9) 
  • Prior experience in discipling and equipping believers (2 Tim 2:2-3) 
  • Bilingual abilities desirable but not necessary.

Skills/Ability/ Character

  • Inspirational preacher and teacher
  • A godly Christian of good character; above reproach
  • Able to help implement the mission of a ministry and overall church direction 
  • Ability to work in a team environment in both a leadership and member role 
  • Strong leadership and administrative skills • Prioritizes prayer in his private life, public ministry, and leadership
  • Humility and the fruits of the Spirit
  • Able to nurture and serve an older congregation while also appealing to both a younger, more diverse, and often Spanish-speaking demographic. Being a good bridge.

Our Church

NPC is located in the northeast area of Bakersfield, in Kern County, near the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley. As of 2019, Bakersfield’s estimated population was 384,000. However, the greater Bakersfield area, which includes several unincorporated areas, has an estimated population of 524,000.

Our current staff consists of one full-time, ordained pastor; one part-time administrative assistant; and one part-time custodial assistant.

Along with our pastor, the congregation is led by a team of elders who form the Session. The pastor serves as Moderator of Session, and together, they serve the local congregation in matters of spiritual welfare and in the governance of the church. Spiritual responsibilities include the preaching of the Word, administering the sacraments, overseeing worship services, and promoting Christian education and discipleship through Bible study groups, fellowship groups, and outreach programs.

We currently hold one scheduled Sunday morning worship service. In recent years, we have moved from a traditional, formal style of service toward a “blended” worship style which incorporates traditional hymns as well as contemporary praise music. We have always celebrated breadth in worship forms, both musically and liturgically, respecting the history of worship through the centuries and welcoming the newer expressions of worship in our day. However, as we reach the local community, we recognize that worship styles may need to be modified in order to properly reflect changing needs and demographics of our community. 

To meet the needs of our growing Spanish-speaking congregation, we now offer English-to-Spanish interpretation during worship services.

Our Community

Throughout the past 30 years, our neighborhood demographic has changed to reflect a growing Hispanic population. Within our 93305 zip code, as of 2016, the following is a demographic breakdown, as stated on the US Census Bureau website:

Total population: 38,793

            Those who identify as Hispanic: 28,952 (74.6%)

            Those who identify as Mexican: 26,993 (69.6%)

            Those over 18 years old: 25,300 (65.2%)

            Housing units: 11,940

Our Congregation

We are currently a congregation of approximately 85 members, plus additional congregants who attend worship services but who have not officially joined NPC. 

Pre-covid, our average Sunday attendance was 85 participants. We have recently resumed in-person worship; however, some members continue to access our service online.

During the past 30 years, we have experienced an overall decline in membership. (From approximately 200 members in 1990 to our current 85.) This is a challenge we have acknowledged, and we continue to search for effective ways to grow our congregation.

Ethnically, our congregation has been predominantly Caucasian. Hispanics make up approximately 10-15% of those who attend Sunday worship; this percentage has been growing.

Additionally, we are an aging congregation: Approximately 80% of members are over age 50, and 40% are over age 70. 

We recognize the need to serve our older, established congregation while also reaching out and ministering to the needs of our neighborhood and local community.

Our Ministries and Missions

Despite the challenges of a declining and aging membership, Northminster is active in supporting local ministries within our congregation, in our local community, as well as globally.

  • Deacons: Our Board of Deacons, the “caregivers” of the congregation, carry out a ministry of compassion and service to the congregation. They provide support and assistance during times of bereavement, during illness or following surgery/hospitalization; serving Communion to shut-ins; providing financial and/or housing assistance to those who may be struggling; and generally maintaining connection and fellowship with the congregation. Our deacons also participate in various community and outreach activities.
  • Bible study: Several Bible study groups are ongoing, including women’s groups who meet monthly, as well as a Monday evening Bible study that has been ongoing for over 20 years and is attended by members of NPC as well as participants from nearby churches. 
  • Women of Northminster: Seeking to support the mission of NPC through fellowship, prayer, and Bible study, the women’s fellowship circles sponsor fundraising activities to support mission projects, both local and elsewhere.
  • Food Ministries: there are currently five ministries that include providing food for homeless and others struggling in our community. Food and other supplies are provided by restaurants, schools, local markets, large box stores and the like and organized through our team of growing volunteers  to care for the body and soul of our neighborhood.
  • Christmas Gift Boxes: For many years NPC partnered with two local elementary schools to provide  shoebox gift boxes to needy children. This past Christmas season, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to continue this tradition. Instead, monetary donations were used to purchase gifts for children of the families who regularly receive food from NPC through the Morning Star Fresh Food Ministry. 
  • Blanket Ministry: A group of NPC women gather weekly to knit and crochet blankets and shawls which are distributed primarily to children living at the Jamieson Center, an emergency shelter for abused, neglected, and exploited children.
  • CRU: Formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, CRU is an interdenominational ministry committed to taking the gospel to all nations, and particularly to college campuses. We primarily support Jeff and Emily Pauls (Jeff is from Bakersfield and formerly attended NPC) as they share the gospel with the Hispanic community on the UCLA campus.
  • Living Water World Missions: This international mission exists to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by providing clean water filtration systems to communities in need. The current focus is the Central American country of Guatemala. In recent years, NPC has sent members of our congregation on numerous mission trips to both Guatemala and Cuba. 

Opportunities for Growth and Congregational Development

We are eager to reach out to our local community, engage with those who live in our surrounding area, and invite them to be part of our church community as we seek to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and advance His kingdom. 

We desire to rebuild our children’s and youth ministries. 

As stated in our Mission Study we believe we are best situated to be a missional community church, serving the needs of our neighborhood. We seek a pastor who is willing to live in or near the community and who is equipped to serve both an established, aging congregation as well as a local, diverse community. 

What we offer

  • Full-time-salary commensurate with qualifications and experience
  • Manse provision possible if desired.
  • Vacation, study leave, retirement and medical benefits provided; will meet ECO minimums.
  • A people ready and willing to be led and make a difference
  • A challenge that we will do our best to make a blessing
  • A family who will love you and your family with everything we have

For more information, please visit our website: https://northpres.org/

To apply, please submit: Cover letter and resume to employment@northpres.org